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We provide technical services and electronic repairing goods for hotels or villas in Bali

About us
About Us

In the current era of globalization, economic development is getting tighter. More and more digital-based product sales and service providers. However, most sectors of Service Providers, Traditional Small Businesses and MSMEs, especially in Bali, have not been able to compete in the digital world due to the lack of knowledge and insight in the field of digital marketing. This has resulted in many MSMEs being left behind and threatened with bankruptcy, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.

Therefore, we made a breakthrough by launching the application in line with our determination to advance economic development. We are determined to embrace small business owners and MSMEs in Bali to be able to market their products on a wider scale.

Best Services From Us


Maha Technician

Maha Technician is here to help you maintain your household appliances supported by professional and certified technicians.


Maha Project

Maha Project is ready to assist you in large-scale work according to your requests and needs


Maha Electric

Maha Electric helps and makes it easier for you in the process of electric power installation, upgrading electric power, and more.


Maha Care

Need help ? Our Customer Service is ready to serve and provide the best solutions according to your requests and needs